Organizations that are missing goals for lead generation, deal conversion, customer retention and fundraising often lack a content strategy. A strong content strategy drives ongoing engagement with your prospects and customers that supports your goals.

Contact me for a sound strategy that’s aligned to your goals, including

  • Descriptions and personas for your target audiences and what they care about
  • Editorial calendars to guide what to publish and when
  • Taxonomies and metadata frameworks to keep your content cohesive, relevant, and optimized for search engines
  • Style guides to ensure consistent, professional content that is brand compliant
  • An organizational story that motivates your audience
  • Tools and processes for content creation, migration, and management

Content Strategy Case Studies

One blog content strategy I used motivated an enterprise client to call and say they were ready to make a $1+ million purchase. Read more.

A media relations strategy I developed drove up stats a lot. Read more.

Examples of Content Strategy

content strategy

In my online portfolio, you can view samples of my work. In addition, contact me to discuss samples of strategic work that I’ve done in previous roles. I have samples that I can discuss one-on-one but not distribute widely online.