Consistent, quality communications ensure that your prospects, funders and staff stay motivated. Contract marketing writing and editing ensures that consistent, quality communications at a scale and budget to meet your needs.

Tri-fold Brochure Special

For $350 I’ll create a tri-fold brochure for your organization, product, service, or event. The tri-fold brochure is a very versatile tool for promotion. It’s multi-faceted and tactile, slips easily into a purse or pocket, and helps carry your message into the world. Use tri-fold brochures for explaining your product or service, building attendance for your event, documenting a client success story, or presenting organizational results for the year.

My tri-fold brochure template is also the most popular post and download on my blog.

Contact me about how to get started with a professional brochure today!

Content Strategy

Writing and editing become easier and more effective when done within a content strategy. Let me build a strategy for your organization.

Contact me for a sound content strategy that’s aligned to your goals, including

  • Descriptions of your target audiences and what they care about
  • Editorial calendars to guide what to publish and when
  • Taxonomies and metadata frameworks to keep your content cohesive, relevant, and optimized for search engines
  • Style guides to ensure consistent, professional content that is brand compliant
  • An organizational story that motivates your audience
  • Tools and processes for content creation, migration, and management

Contract Marketing Writing and Editing

Contact me for writing and editing the right content to reach and motivate your audiences. I work on one-time projects or ongoing assignments. Content types include

A core messaging plan can drive all your communications, and is a good first step toward consistency and impact across all your writing and editing projects.

Examples of Writing and Editing

Contract Marketing Writing and Editing

See my portfolio for examples of my writing and editing